GYE App for the Blackberry

Works on Platforms 5+

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Scan this code with your blackberry to get this app.

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The GYE BB App Version 3.0

Use your Blackberry's browser to navigate to this page (or to, then click on the 'download' button on the left, and activate this app directly onto your Blackberry.

You can also use your phone to scan the QR code on the left and it will download the app.

Scroll down below to see screenshots of the app.


1. This app is only compatible with Blackberry cellphones platform 5 and up (not the playbook). Use the download button on the top left of the screen for versions 5+. (To find the version and platform: From your home screen, hold down ALT and type the letters E A C E).

2. There are some phones running platform 5.0 for which the latest version of our app does not work. If your internet is still not blocked after downloading the app, download this version instead.

3. The GYE App does not impair your phone, it is easy to remove with the password (which we'll have).

4. By installing this App you agree to wait 24 hours before recieving the password from the time you request it (and you must have a valid reason for requesting it).

5. Make sure to remove all other Browsers from your Blackberry before installing the GYE App, otherwise you'll still be able to browse with the other browsers!


Important General Information

By default, the GYE app locks the following 4 apps on your Blackberry:

  1. The Browser
  2. The Blackberry App World
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter

To access the GYE app from your home screen, click on the blackberry button and select 'GYE app' from the menu.

If you need to get the password to unblock an application, contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Note: Whenever the password is entered and changes are made, a new code appears on the GYE App - and the old password will no longer work.


Blocking New Apps

You can always add any other applications that you want to block from the ‘add application’ list in the GYE app. A password is not required for this. (We highly suggest locking the "Blackberry Options" as well).

Q. What if I don't see the app I want to block it the app list?

A. Any app's that run in the background will be in the list. If you don't see it, go to the app you want to block and open it, then, while you're in the app, click on "switch application" and you'll see it in the list.

Note: If you block one thing under the category of "Media", it will block all of that category.


Screen-shots of the GYE App

CaptureNux_3 1. The App locks 4 things by default: (1) App World (2) Browser (3) Facebook (4) Twitter. For extra safety, we suggest locking the Options as well.


CaptureNux_2 2. Once the app is installed, your browser will be locked. If you try and access it, you will get a message: "Blocked by GYE".


CaptureNux_2b 3. To open the GYE app, press the BB button twice (left of the track ball), and it will open this menu.


CaptureNux_4 4. To add other apps to block, use the "Add Application" button in the GYE App to open a list of all apps currently open.


CaptureNux_5 5. If you add a new app to block (you don't need the password for that), you will still be able to change your mind before closing the GYE App.


CaptureNux_6 6. Once the GYE App is closed and reopened, the new App you added will be locked.